I write the WordPress plugins in my free time. If you find my plugins useful, please support their further development by donating.

You’ll also receive the following Pro versions.

  • Comment Rating Pro: The Pro version has additional functions to retrieve comments ordered by their rating, and disabling the restriction of one-vote-per-IP-Address. This is for the professionals who want to tailor themes to their specific taste.
  • Comment Rating Widget Pro: The Pro version allows ordering by Comment Rating in the last X days on a sidebar.

You’ll also receive prioritized support as well. After donation, please follow the Paypal link returning to my site for the download page.

If you have a great idea to enhance the plugins, please make an suggestion. I’ll weigh the suggested  functionality with the design objective and implementation philosophy.  Not all suggestions are accepted, especially when the suggestion contradicts the original design goals.  However, I have been updating the plugins in a regular basis. 22 out of 26 suggestions in the ToDo list had been implemented.

If you have a special needs, such as tailoring for particular use, please feel free to let me know too.  We can discuss the details.

Thanks for the support from PCB, PCBA Prototype and Production, Electric Pressure Cooker and Beading Necklace.

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